The Apartment

Welcome to the Friend Zone

Live a very original and different experience. Enter and enjoy all the secrets that this peculiar apartment hides.

Up to 15 players
80 minutes
Theme: Humor/Sitcom
Perfect for large groups!

Welcome to the Friend Zone

You enter New York Central Station, built by the famous British architect Thomas Collie. There you will enter his apartment, a themed museum of popular sitcoms from the 80s and 90s, but something unexpected happens and you are forced to put yourself in the shoes of its protagonists. You cannot look the other way, you have to make it seem like nothing has happened by putting all your abilities and skills at the service of the cause.

The Apartment is an experience that recreates the atmosphere of sitcoms from the 80s and 90s and adds an original twist that is mixed with a very fun plot, full of laughter and full of surprises.

What happens inside the apartment will make you experience firsthand emotions that you could never imagine.

What could be happening behind that peephole? What awaits us when we cross the door?

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A replayable experience!

You will be able to move through this space interacting with it, to such an extent that you can discover each and every one of the secrets that are hidden in it. In addition, it has a peculiarity that makes the experience special: there are three game paths through which the team can move.

Three different itineraries that allow even greater interaction with the environment and that even makes it possible to repeat the experience on another occasion.

Perfect for large groups!

The Apartment is an escape room experience in Madrid, something different from a conventional room. It is a game that has also been designed for large groups, so you can play from 2 to 15 people. The fact that you can play through three different paths makes the experience ideal for large groups. You will all be playing at the same time but with many different tasks to do.

However, for groups of very experienced players, it is recommended not to book for more than 6 people.

This type of escape room is perfect for large groups: for celebrations, birthdays, or corporate team building.

Don't miss the opportunity to test your teamwork!